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Event Results

  Date:    8 February 2009      View all races for this date    Re-order by age grade
  Distance:    3km
  Race:    SCVAC Indoor Championships  
  Location:    Picketts Lock

The field was decimated by the judges as four people out of ten were taken out. Spectators were a bit baffled by this and several people were heard to say it was ludicrous... Wimbledon tennis-style grunting was introduced as the leader gasped very audibly for air in the second half of the race. Perhaps judges will introduce a punishable offence soon to eliminate this sort of thing... The grunting must have helped as he set a new M60 British best, knocking more than four and a half seconds off the previous record.

 Gender   Position   Athlete   Age Group   Grade   Club   Time    Points 

  F   1     Chris Childs   W45   49.58%         00:25:53.02       235 

  M   1     John Hall   M60   88.40%         00:14:55.49       516 
  M   2     Steve Uttley   M50   76.82%         00:15:49.56       406 
  M   3     Dave Sharpe   M55   71.21%         00:17:40.40       223 
  M   4     Ron Powell   M70   76.40%         00:19:45.36       83 
  M   5     Dave Ainsworth   M60   60.26%         00:21:53.02       9 

  M   DQ     Kevin Burnett   M65     -    
  M   DQ     Bernie Hercock   M70     -    
  M   DQ     Jack Fitzgerald   M85     -    
  F   DQ     Norma Grimsey   W50     -